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CheckSum understands that board test requires more than a tester. Customers trust CheckSum to provide their entire board test solution: test systems, fixtures, programs, and global support. Entrust your next project to CheckSum.

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Did You Know? MultiWriter™ 3 Q & A’s

MultiWriter™ is now in its third generation, MultiWriter 3. MW3 offers faster programming times and expanded capabilities, while still priced the same as earlier MultiWriter versions.  Products will see reduced overhead time and thus faster data transfer to the device.  The actual time for the device to write the data internally is still a function […]

Whelen: 20 Years Without Downtime

Whelen Engineering leads the industry providing safety lighting for Police, Fire, EMS and DOT. In 2017, Whelen purchased over 44 million LEDs to meet their customer base’s global demands. As the emergency vehicle industry accelerates, Whelen has kept pace, investing in automated manufacturing processes. As the emergency vehicle industry accelerates, Whelen has kept pace, investing in […]

Parallelism: The Throughput Breakthrough

“Every year, electronics get faster, smaller, and cheaper.” – Anyone Paying Attention You don’t have to be an expert in electronics to see the power of the irresistible forces: Faster, Smaller, and Cheaper. Each one creates a variety of potential opportunities for our industry. As chips get more powerful, most boards have shrunk and are now […]

John’s Blog:

Test: Time to optimize the process Few test engineers have time day-to-day to review new technology.  Of the many steps in PCB manufacturing, test is the last to be considered in the buying process, and typically is not considered for optimization. Process improvement over the past 25 years has skyrocketed throughput. Component density and complexity […]

CheckSum Outperforms Teradyne in Side-by-Side Comparison

CheckSum’s 12KN with V12 was compared directly to a Teradyne Test Station at a mid-west automotive electronics manufacturer and longtime Teradyne installed base. The results are in and CheckSum won! “CheckSum outperformed Teradyne in ICT, Part Programming, and Test Efficiency.” The evaluation consisted of testing the same board for unpowered analog tests, and device programming […]

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Have questions about how to test a circuit? Questions about options and upgrades, design for testability concerns, or need to diagnose a system issue ask one of our engineers for assistance. CheckSum engineers have decades of experience.