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Deliver the speed and flexibility required to succeed in modern electronics manufacturing. Because 10 at a time is better than 1 at a time.

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CheckSum understands that board test requires more than a tester. Customers trust CheckSum to provide their entire board test solution: test systems, fixtures, programs, and global support. Entrust your next project to CheckSum.

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Electronics manufacturers in over 40 countries rely on our team of support engineers and distribution partners. Your success is our business.

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Meet us at Productronica!

Our new Director of Sales, James Holava and our Field Product Manager, Harry Jin, will be heading to Prodcutronica November 12-15th and are taking meetings Thursday and Friday. If you would like to meet with our team during the conference please reach out via email to and/or

Did You Know?

When talking to customers and potential customers, we find it interesting the many of CheckSum’s capabilities aren’t known by some industry professionals. With over 4000 test systems installed around the globe, CheckSum serves a wide variety of customers with a significant diversity of testing needs.  Each CheckSum test system is designed to meet a specific […]

in-line automated electronics tester

A Tester in Every Line

Why is it the entire electronics assembly line is automated until test?  There are exceptions and it is becoming more automated, but why aren’t in-line testers the norm? The reason is speed.  Test times for PCBAs are typically much longer than any other single manufacturing step.  That time is called “Takt Time”, the time between […]

Piezo Sensor Project

When an internationally known producer of sensors came to CheckSum with a challenging ICT test requirement, we were ready.  The company produces sensors of all kinds but this particular product does not lend itself to traditional bed-of-nails testing. The product is a piezoelectric film sensor, produced on sheets just 32 micrometres thick (less than .002”) […]

How Can CheckSum Be So Much Faster? – Video

We developed this video for APEX 2019 to highlight the differences between our test process and traditional test processes. The CheckSum Parallel Technology paired up with our powerful V12 and Dual and Quad Core ICT delivers many fold speed increases especially for small boards manufactured in panels. This process reduces or eliminates human handling, drives […]

Ask an Engineer

Have questions about how to test a circuit? Questions about options and upgrades, design for testability concerns, or need to diagnose a system issue ask one of our engineers for assistance. CheckSum engineers have decades of experience.