European Automotive Supplier Pumps-Up Capacity with 12KN

ARLINGTON, WA ― May 2022 CheckSum’s 12KN™ In-Circuit Test system was recently selected by a European Automotive supplier to support the expansion of their production test capacity for new projects in the EV market.

The 12KN™ was selected over their current test solution, after evaluating the throughput advantage of parallel test and programming capabilities.  The test system was configured to support Parallel In-Circuit Test, Parallel MultiWriter™ Programming and PFT (Parallel Functional Test).

“The push towards EV is driving the use of more PCBAs in many applications where they did not exist in the past. As a result, we are seeing new applications with small, highly panelized boards.”

“CheckSum’s Parallel test dramatically reduces takt times by testing an entire panel of 4, 40, +100 boards simultaneously.” –

James Holava

CheckSum Director of Global Sales

Advanced, intuitive software, combined with a quick-change fixture, the 12KN™ delivers strong process control with unmatched ease of use.  PFT (Parallel Functional Test), combined with ICT and ISP (In-System Programming), provides new testing options that reduce cost and improve quality by performing more testing earlier in the process.