PFT – A Case Study

PCB panel for FCT case study

A customer is ramping production of a high volume smart product for their Tier 1 Automotive customer.  Functional test for previous versions was developed in-house on National Instruments Labview platform but took 6 months for two engineers to develop and was not fast enough to keep up with projected volumes.  In this case study, the test time was 60 seconds per 8-board panel or 7.5 seconds per board.

CheckSum was already providing In-Circuit Test and On-Board Programming for these customer’s products.  For this project, CheckSum also provided functional testing of the boards – mostly LIN communications tests and calibration of the product.  CheckSum’s Parallel Functional Test technology allows functional testing of all 16 boards simultaneously.

CheckSum delivers an all-in-one test system that performs ICT, On-Board Programming, and Functional Test of the 16-up panel in 10 seconds, or 0.6 seconds per board, a 12x throughput improvement from the prior process.


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