• Analog Component Test
  • Power-On Test / Functional Test
  • In-System Programming (Flash)
  • Boundary Scan
  • TestJet Vectorless Test
  • Multi-Core High Throughput System

Standard Features

  • Full in-circuit test capability with In-System Programming and Functional Test in one system
  • Analog In-Circuit Test
    • Resistance (20mOhms to 20MOhms)
    • Capacitance (1pF to 20mF)
    • Inductance (1uH to 1000H)
    • Diodes (Signal, Switching, Rectifier, LED, Zener)
    • Transistors (Bipolar, FET, MOSFET, SCR, TRIAC)
    • Opto-couplers
    • Transformers (Polarity, Inductance, Resistance)
    • Relays & Shorts & Opens
  • MultiWriter In-System Programming
    • Simultaneous programming of up to 384 devices in parallel
    • High-signal integrity via short wire lengths is well-suited to today’s higher programming speeds
    • Programming, byte-by-byte verification, chip erase, blank checking, CRC verification, device locking are all supported
    • Unified hardware architecture eliminates problems with multi-vendor dongle-type solutions
  • Power-On & Functional Test
    • Voltage measurements up to 250 VAC
    • Frequency, period, pulse-width measurements
    • Current measurements
    • AC and DC stimulus
    • Higher-level bus protocols such as CAN, I2C, LIN, SPI
  • Digital Test
  • TestJet™ Vectorless Test
  • Easy-to-use GUI Software
    • Powerful debug environment
    • Data manipulation
    • Branches and loops
    • Subroutines
    • External program calls

System Options

Boundary Scan

CheckSum partners with vendors who provide boundary scan hardware and software tools.

For more information about boundary scan, see: See Boundary Scan Partners

Multi-Core High Throughput System

The high throughput option uses a multi-core test system architecture to achieve faster test times.