• How is PFT different from end of line in-circuit Functional Test?

    Seamless integration in Checksums ICT system enables functional test of an entire panel up to 200 PCBA’s simultaneously.  Identifying functional defects early in the process improves quality and reduces costs.

    By reducing test times by 5-20x, PFT creates new process improvement opportunities to reduce potential for scrap at EOL test.


  • What types of tests can PFT support?

    PFT support is deployed to meet the unique test specification of each product.  Modules seamlessly integrate with CheckSum’s test software providing a turnkey test solution.

    Functionally test: Voltage (Source & Measure), Digital I/O, Frequency, Loads, Current, Individual UUT Power Control, Serial, CAN, LIN, I2C, SPI, Discharge, Self-Test…

  • Can PFT be combined with ICT and or ISP?

    CheckSum’s Parallel Test – Provides Maximum Productivity

    Each test system utilizes our advanced communication architecture enabling more testing in one fixture with CheckSum’s breakthrough Parallel Test technologies supporting any combination of:  ICT, ISP and or PFT

  • What is the development process to support my unique functional test specifications?

    PFT support is develop to meet the unique test specification of each product.   Flexible and scalable by design, PFT modules are deployed in the test fixture seamlessly integrated with CheckSum’s test software.

    PFT is a turnkey test solution that reduces cost and complexity while streamlining the footprint of your production test process.

  • How can I leverage power of PFT if my process requires that I test after depaneling?

    Checksum’s Parallel Test – can be optimized for your unique requirements. Our test systems can support up to a test area of 510mm x 380mm. 

    By depaneling prior to test, individual PCBA’s can be palletized to maximize the impact of parallel test.