Spotlight on Dual Level Probing

The 12KN’s dual-level probing capability allows for the use of a single test fixture to do both full ICT and functional test.

Isolating unneeded probes from contact with PCBA, enables the Unit Under Test (UUT) to operate without the capacitive loading effect of test probes, thus ensuring more accurate and stable tests.  This feature is built-in to the 12KN and requires only the use of longer travel probes for the functional test points. Compared to other test systems that require a separate functional test fixture or the use of complex, heavy, expensive mechanisms added to each fixture, the 12KN is an easy, lightweight and cost-effective test solution to reduce product handling and improve test coverage using a single station.

The CheckSum 12KN is our flagship platform for all of the test capabilities CheckSum offers.

  • Full in-circuit test for PCBAs up to 5,200 nodes, including TestJet, digital device testing, dual-sided probing and boundary scan testing.
  • MultiWriter in-system programming capability for up to 384 devices.
  • Power-on functional test featuring the 12KNs unique dual-level probing to allow for lower cost and lighter weight test fixtures.
  • Rack-mount space for power supplies, external instruments and loads.
  • Built-in pneumatic and USB ports.
  • Adjustable keyboard/monitor arm.
  • Dedicated Operator keypad with EMO switch.
  • Pneumatic activation to provide smooth, low strain probing.
  • CE-compliant safety mechanisms to protect the operator from serious injury.
  • Optical light curtain.
  • Safety-interlock switches.