Piezo Sensor Project

When an internationally known producer of sensors came to CheckSum with a challenging ICT test requirement, we were ready.  The company produces sensors of all kinds but this particular product does not lend itself to traditional bed-of-nails testing.

The product is a piezoelectric film sensor, produced on sheets just 32 micrometres thick (less than .002”) with over 300 units per sheet.  CheckSum’s challenge was to probe the material from both sides using standard probes without damaging the delicate material, and accurately measuring resistances down to .05 Ohms and capacitances of 150 pF.

Additional requirements were an automated barcode scanner and the ability for the equipment to operate within a clean room environment.

CheckSum’s team of electrical and mechanical engineers got to work designing a custom pneumatic fixture for our standard 12KN press. With the addition of pneumatically actuated tooling pins, the goal was to ensure the sheets of sensor film were not damaged through the process of testing.   Each circuit required 2 probes on each side and each probe was 4-wired to obtain the accuracy required for the measurements.

The 507-unit sheet and the 312-unit sheet tested in under 10 seconds using CheckSum’s V12 system card, the fastest ICT hardware on the market.

The typical vacuum bed-of-nails approach favored by the industry would have been next to impossible to use without damaging the sensitive film, not to mention being costly.  CheckSum’s combination of a pneumatic fixture press and in-house fixturing expertise made the ICT project possible.  We work closely with customer engineers throughout the development phase so that when the equipment is complete, the checkout phase goes smoothly.

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