Did You Know?

When talking to customers and potential customers, we find it interesting the many of CheckSum’s capabilities aren’t known by some industry professionals.

With over 4000 test systems installed around the globe, CheckSum serves a wide variety of customers with a significant diversity of testing needs.  Each CheckSum test system is designed to meet a specific test challenge, so, it’s understandable that many customers do not know our full range of capabilities.

For example, Did You Know:

  1. CheckSum has built systems with over 20,000 test points, the largest ICT ever produced?
  2. CheckSum systems can be configured with TestJet and Boundary Scan options? Every CheckSum system supports Boundary Scan to add test coverage for certain boards.  CheckSum integrates with the four major Boundary Scan providers:  Asset, Corelis, JTAG, and Goepel. Boundary Scan is a great option on digital boards when test coverage is limited.
  3. Did you know CheckSum’s technologies and products are all developed in-house, and that CheckSum is the only fully American made ICT company?
  4. Every CheckSum system is equipped with our industry-leading, on-board programming technology, MultiWriter. Program over 300 serial devices in parallel. This technology enables serialization, mac addresses, encryption, and cybersecurity. Even our smallest system can program hundreds of devices in parallel, encrypt your data, program serial numbers, mac addresses, or other unique data.
  5. CheckSum’s functional test capability includes voltage and frequency measurements along with industry-leading technology that allows for the fastest CAN, LIN, SPI, JTAG, UART and I2C communication bus testing for highly-panelized automotive products.
  6. Though the majority of CheckSum systems sold today include options for a wide range of power-on tests, many customers don’t realize that it’s easy to add capabilities, including power-on ICT, to older CheckSum systems.

Every CheckSum system is a flexible and powerful tool designed to make your manufacturing process a success. Whether you have an old system you want to get the most out of or are looking for a new system, CheckSum can help.

Contact our Sales Engineers to find out how our leading technologies can help you eliminate process bottlenecks.