Did You Know? MultiWriter™ 3 Q & A’s

MultiWriter™ is now in its third generation, MultiWriter 3. MW3 offers faster programming times and expanded capabilities, while still priced the same as earlier MultiWriter versions.  Products will see reduced overhead time and thus faster data transfer to the device.  The actual time for the device to write the data internally is still a function of the device and is not changed by the use of MW3.

MW3 consists of new hardware and software. The MW3 Controller uses a new dual-core FPGA and expanded DDR RAM. The MW3 can now clock at up to 20 MHz.  It also supports the new Quad SPI (QSPI) data architecture.

What does this mean in real world times? See the table below for some real examples comparing MW2 to MW3

Device MW2 Time MW3 Time
SPC560D40 94 seconds 23 seconds
R5F61725 52 seconds 12 seconds
HC9S12ZVC 43 seconds 20 seconds
S25FL132K 75 seconds 37 seconds
XC2365 94 seconds 45 seconds

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Will the new MW3 controller work with existing MW buffers?   Yes, but the full speed benefits may not be realized due to the speed of the existing buffers. A new MISP.exe and other support files are needed as well. The HASP will have to reconfigured as well.
  • If I have a MW2 Production Programming System (PPS) what are my options?  CheckSum can upgrade your existing pps so that it can work with existing MW2 and newer MW3 projects.
  • Will MW3 work with my current CheckSum systems that are using MW2?  MW3 will work with all Win32/ Win64-based CheckSum systems. A new MISP.exe will have to be installed, but it is backwards compatible with existing MW2 projects.  One of the benefits of CheckSum’s philosophy to put as much of the hardware in the fixture and not the system is that your existing investments are protected, while at the same time newer projects can take advantage of our latest developments.
  • Is MW3 available now?  Since 2017, all new MultiWriter projects are done with MW3 and upgrades to existing MultiWriter projects can also be done. Contact CheckSum for more details.