• Up to 400 Test Points
  • Single-Action Lever Engagement
  • Low-Cost Replaceable Fixture Kits
  • No Vacuum or Air Source Needed
  • Top and Bottom Probing of SMT and Through-Hole
  • Compatible with TestJet Technology
  • Easy-to-Change Fixtures


To operate the fixture, the operator places the unit-under-test (UUT) onto the guide pins in the fixture. The operator then turns the lever-arm to actuate the probes. Turning the lever-arm closes the lid and compresses the probes through a linear mechanical advantage mechanism. When the operator rotates the lever-arm, the top plate moves forward and down to engage the UUT. The lever-arm can be moved to the right or left side of the system depending on operator preference.

The CheckSum TR-5-400-QC Fixture System can accommodate UUTs with probe areas of up to 29.85cm x 21.6cm (11.75” x 8.5”) and with up to 400 test points.

The TR-5-400-QC Fixture System is shared by all of your UUTs. The TR-5-400-QC can accommodate probing on both top and bottom with either standard probes or TestJet Technology probes.

For each individual UUT, a low-cost KIT600-QC is customized by drilling and wiring. Installing Fixture Kits in the Fixture Press is done very quickly. This process is simplified because there are no cables to change and no tools are required, the top and bottom simply snap into place. A bottom pan protects the wiring and pins in the removable Fixture Kits. Using the storage handles, the top pressure plate can be attached to the probe plate when the fixture is not in use.