Features and Benefits

MultiWriter technology is a clean, low cost solution to increase part programming productivity–regardless of whether it’s in an Analyst in circuit tester or in the MultiWriter pps gang programming system.

•  Innovative, patented technology to gang program serial flash and embedded flash devices mounted on the board or multi-up panel at near-data book speeds.

•  Data Encryption Protection option insures your IP (Intellectual Property) is not at risk anywhere in the world.

•  Unique data (e.g. serial number, date code, MAC address, calibration data, etc) can be written to individual chips, as they are being gang-programmed.

•  High throughput via simultaneous programming and verification of one to 384 chips¹ at a time.

•  Low cost via “universal hardware” that eliminates costly channel cards used by in circuit testers and easily configured software.

•  High signal quality with controller and programming buffers mounted right in the fixture.

•  Comprehensive serial flash and microcontroller library

Simultaneous Part Programming

MultiWriter uses patented simultaneous programming technology to simultaneously program up 384 chips at one time, up to 16 different types — usually in seconds instead of the minutes required by conventional programmers.

MultiWriter technology has already programmed millions of parts on millions of boards. Its ability to program up to 384 chips at once makes MultiWriter the industry’s most productive on-board part programmer.

MultiWriter Multiplies Productivity Two Ways

MultiWriter technology is available on CheckSum Analyst low cost in circuit testers or in the new standalone MultiWriter pps™ on-board gang programming system where at least four parts need to be programmed on a board or multi-board panel.

Combine in circuit test and MultiWriter part programming in a single system.

MultiWriter installed in an Analyst series in circuit tester:

  • Simultaneous programming ability means faster programming times, which means faster throughput
  • Eliminates expensive channel cards required by traditional in circuit solutions
  • No costly retrofit required to ICT system for hardware/software specific to part programming applications

The standalone MultiWriter pps gang programming system programs boards and panels with multiple parts much faster than on a traditional in circuit or functional tester.

MultiWriter pps used following the traditional in circuit tester:

  • High signal integrity via short wire lengths is well-suited to today’s higher programming speeds
  • Unified hardware architecture eliminates problems with multi-vendor dongle-type solutions
  • Simultaneous Programming means faster programming times; part programming will not become a process bottleneck.


MultiWriter Technology is protected under U.S. Patent No. 7,802,021 and other Int Patents