Calibration/Verification Module/Fixture

Part #: CM-3

The CM-3 Calibration/Verification Module/Fixture provides external confirmation of the system’s calibration. The CM-3 Module/Fixture includes precise components that verify the accuracy of the Analyst series, TR-8 or TR-4 measurement systems with the included software. The CM-3 can be used for test system traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Its reference components can also be characterized in an external calibration lab for traceability. It provides the traceability typically required in ISO 9000 certified sites. The unit can be purchased without traceability documentation certificate or with traceability documentation (order the Model CM-CAL).

The calibration accessory can be purchased as a separate module (Model CM-3) or integrated into a test fixture (e.g., CM-3-KIT1000, CM-3-KIT20, CM-3-KIT28, CM-3-KIT2KN, or CM-3-KIT600, CM-3-KITILS, CM-3-KITILS43, CM-3-TR-3).

Digital I/O Module

The DIG-1 provides 48 digital I/O lines that can be programmed for either +5V or +3.3V logic levels. The DIG-1 also features a switchable +5V @ 1A output. Up to two DIG-1 modules can be placed within a system.

DIG-1 Spec Sheet

Discharge System

Part #: DM-1

The DM-1 Discharge System isolates and protects the ICT test system electronics from an electrically charged unit-under-test (UUT). Normally, UUTs do not become electrically charged during the manufacturing process, however, functional or system testing may leave an electrical charge on a UUT. The DM-1 will protect the test system from a UUT that may have become electrically charged with up to 250 volts. The DM-1 also protects the test system from severe static charges on a UUT. The DM-1 is connected between the test fixture and the ICT test system electronics. Special internal circuitry in the DM-1 prevents the electronics from being connected if a charge exists.

The CheckSum test system software can detect a charged UUT and wait for the discharge. The overvoltage charge is automatically discharged. Once the UUT voltage has been discharged to a safe level, normal testing with the ICT test system can proceed. The standard CheckSum test system multiplexer cables connect to the rear of the DM-1. A second test cable is provided with each 50-pin discharge module to connect to the fixture.

Installing additional discharge modules in the Discharge System is quick and easy. Each DM-1-SW plug-in card protects 50 test points in the test system. The Model DM-1 can accommodate twenty Model DM-1-SW Switch Modules. A completely configured Model DM-1 Discharge System allows isolation and protection of 1000 test points. Additional Discharge Systems can be daisy-chained for higher pin-count systems.