Functional Test Module

The CheckSum Model FUNC-2B Functional Test System is designed to be used as an extension to a CheckSum ICT System. While normally used as part of a CheckSum In-Circuit/Combinational Test System, it can also be used as the core of a stand alone functional tester.
The CheckSum Model FUNC-2B provides the capabilities used for most power-on functional testing requirements:
The FUNC-2B features:
• Voltage sources for power-on test of assemblies(Fixed +/- 12VDC & +5VDC sources )

• Form-C User relays for switching up to 250 VAC@ 1A

• True floating DMM for measurement of AC and DC voltages up to 250VAC and low resistances.

• Function generator for sourcing DC, sine or square waves up to 100 kHz

• Programmable DC Current Source

• Counter/timer for measuring oscillator frequencies or event times