Digital Test

Today’s digital tests require capabilities beyond the traditional “RAM-behind-the-pins” digital architectures. Modern digital tests often occur at clock speeds well above the ICT 5MHz barrier. Complex bus protocols are also required to communicate with today’s ASICs and other complex devices. Most companies lack the technical resources and development time to create these tests using the traditional “RAM-behind-the-pins” test method.

Industry research has determined that the real-world failure rate for digital devices is very low. Alternative test techniques such as TestJet have proven to provide effective test coverage for the majority of actual digital device failures encountered in a modern production environment. By eliminating “RAM-behind-the-pins” CheckSum systems are priced at a fraction of traditional (big iron) test systems.

CheckSum has focused its R&D resources towards the implementation of low-cost in-fixture technologies that can functionally test modern digital circuits faster and more comprehensively

In addition, CheckSum systems can be configured with static digital I/O to facilitate functional testing. Digital I/O is available using the following modules:

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