• Can CheckSum ICT system support parallel test?

    Can CheckSum ICT system support parallel test?

    Optimize your test process with high speed true parallel testing delivering 4X more throughput.

  • How fast is CheckSum ICT?

    In-circuit tests run at a rate greater than 1000 tests per second per core.   In side by side test speed comparisons, CheckSum ICT outperforms the competition.

    Put us to the test, request a free test process evaluation to compare CheckSum’s performance against your current test solution.

  • Can ICT be combined with PFT and or ISP?

    CheckSum’s Parallel Test – Provides Maximum Productivity

    Each test system utilizes our advanced communication architecture enabling more testing in one fixture with CheckSum’s breakthrough Parallel Test technologies supporting any combination of:  ICT, ISP and or PFT

  • What about test coverage, how does CheckSum ICT compare to the competition?

    Powerful Multi-Core ICT provides comprehensive coverage up to 25k test points. Low impedance measurements can be externally sensed (4/6-wire).

    Stable and accurate measurements are taken using multiple 1M sample/second A/D converters driven by our proprietary core DSP processor using a solid-state multiplexing system