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Case History:  Reduce Cost with Existing In Circuit Testers

Analyst Works Side-by-Side with 'Big Iron' Testers

A contract manufacturer assembling satellite television receiver/decoder boxes in high volume has been testing them on two Agilent 3070-series in circuit testers operating in parallel to match the line’s takt time (throughput rate). 
Two 3070's

Seeking a way to increase test capacity at a lower cost than just adding another 3070, the test group evaluated the CheckSum Analyst ems in circuit tester.  Their original plan was to test 100 boards on the Analyst that had already been tested on the Agilent and compare and correlate results between the two systems.

CheckSum built a test fixture and prepared a test program for the receiver/decoder board and shipped them along with an Analyst tester to the manufacturer’s plant in Mexico.
Testers in Parallel

Low Cost In Circuit Tester Results

A CheckSum manager visited the plant a couple of weeks later and was surprised when the test manager took him straight to the manufacturing floor rather than to the test lab.   There, standing alongside one 3070 was the Analyst system testing production boards.  The visitor spotted the bar code reader that the test engineers had integrated onto the Analyst and the test manager told him how easy it was to integrate the CheckSum tester into their existing factory data collection network.

Standing side by side, both testers were testing the boards as they came down the line.  The test manager said that after just two weeks, the false failure rate of the Analyst was as low as the 3070’s.  And he was pleased that the test engineers, who hadn’t yet taken a training course, found the CheckSum tester easy to use and said they were as effective at debugging test programs on the Analyst as they were on the 3070 they’d been programming for 10 years.

As the test manager discovered, the Analyst stands side by side in every respect with traditional “big iron” in circuit testers like the Agilent 3070:
  • Analyst delivers stable, high fault coverage in circuit tests at about half the purchase price and half the operating cost as “big iron” in circuit testers.
  • CheckSum’s turnkey fixtures and programs come up fast into full volume production.
  • Analyst is user-installable and simple to integrate into existing factory networks.
Analyst is intuitive to use with straightforward software, packed with tools that help get test programs up, running and honed in less time than “big iron.”

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