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Case History: Tier 1 Contract Manufacturer Cuts Part Programming Cost by 66%

Situation: Tier 1 contract manufacturer in Mexico had a high-volume project with a high number of programmable chips on each panel. Like many contract manufacturers, their standard procedure is to buy pre-programmed parts.

CheckSum offered a different approach - the new MultiWriter On-Board Programming System. Rather than pre-program the devices and hold them in inventory, CheckSum proposed programming them on-board during manufacturing. MultiWriter's patented technology enables simultaneous programming and verification of over 300 devices, so it can keep up with even the fastest manufacturing lines.

Result:  MultiWriter is very cost effective for high-volume production. In this case, the Tier 1 contract manufacturer reduced their cost by 66% compared to pre-programming, saving them over $250,000 annually. In addition, the MultiWriter On-Board Programming System enables a leaner supply chain with less inventory than before, dramatically solves the rework problem, since reprogramming can be done without removing the chips, and providing the end customer with the flexibility of instantly changing their firmware.

In addition, an unexpected increase in yield at functional test also reduced rework and generated substantial savings.

As this project proved, MultiWriter's unique capabilities and production-ready design make it an extremely attractive alternative to using pre-programmed parts for medium to high volume production of panelized assemblies.

Simultaneous Part Programming

MultiWriter uses patented simultaneous programming technology to simultaneously program up 384 chips at one time, up to 16 different types — usually in seconds instead of the minutes required by conventional programmers. MultiWriter technology has already programmed millions of parts on millions of boards. Its ability to simultaneously program all the chips at once makes MultiWriter the industry’s most productive on-board part programmer.

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MultiWriter Technology is protected under U.S. Patent No. 7,802,021.

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