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CheckSum’s support creates satisfied customers

One reason our customers “never go back” (to their previous ATE vendor) is not just low purchase and operating costs. Like our design philosophy that eliminates needless complexity from our test systems, our business model always aims to reduce complexity for our customers.
  • You can buy a complete test package in a single stop at CheckSum. There’s no need to purchase a tester one place, a bed-of-nails fixture at another place and a test program somewhere else, putting you right in the middle of managing a bunch of different vendors.
  • Free software updates and product documentation
  • Customized training at our facility or at your site
  • No service contracts
  • Direct factory support in the US, Mexico and China
  • Custom service arrangements and a ready-to-build distribution network for key customers

We can Help You - Ask  an  Engineer

If you have a problem with one of our products and would like our help, fill-in as much as you can on the Help Request (PDF) form and press the Submit by Email button on the top of the form. Your responses will be attached to an email message, please send the email with the xml attachment and we will reply as soon as possible. Remember to attach additional files as requested on the form, such as test programs, system configuration file, data files, test results, etc.

In Circuit Board Test and Part Programming Links

blue bullet Download specification data sheets and technical manuals
blue bullet Download in circuit test and part programming software
blue bullet Frequently-asked questions about fixtures
blue bullet Contact CheckSum customer support
Complete Customer Support

CheckSum is the only automatic test equipment supplier in North America that offers complete turnkey packages including tester, bed-of-nails fixtures and test programs. That means you’ll be ready for production within a few days rather than the weeks that conventional suppliers and testers typically require.