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Solving the Multi-Board Panel Programming Problem
On-Board Part Programming

Big Panels
Microcontrollers on almost every board

More applications are using microcontrollers that incorporate serial flash memory on small circuit boards manufactured in multiboard panels.

Microcontroller boards are being built in increasing panel densities. The number of boards per panel is increasing.

Many panels have 10, 20 or more programmable parts. It can be challenging to program that many devices without adversely slowing panel throughput and line productivity.

High-volume products such as automotive powertrain and sensor applications, entertainment, informatics and industrial control are some typical large panel assemblies.

Since the contents of Phase Change Memory (also known as PCM) can be lost because of the high temperatures needed to solder the device to a board, on-board programming is required.

Programming the chips with in-circuit or functional testers is expensive and slow, and they can rarely program more than three or four devices at a time. This means multiple programming passes on a single panel are required, leading to unacceptably slow throughput.

The alternative programming option — on-board "dongle" programmers — have been designed primarily for the lab, not the production floor. And they're capable of programming just four or five devices at a time. Once again: multiple programming passes on a single panel decimate throughput.

These conventional approaches lead to just one thing: a programming and productivity bottleneck.

What's needed?  An unconventional on-board programming solution that can program every chip on the panel simultaneously.

MultiWriter pps On-board Part Programming
  • Simultaneous programming of up to 384 parts at once
  • Programming unique data (date code, serial number, MAC address, calibration data, etc.) on a per-device basis
  • Data Encryption Protection option insures your IP (Intellectual Property) is not at risk anywhere in the world
  • High throughput via fast programming/verification data rates with excellent signal quality
  • Universal programming capability for all device families supported by an extensive protocol library

MultiWriter pps™ On-board Part Programming Overview

The MultiWriter pps™ on-board gang programming system uses proven, patented simultaneous programming technology to program up to 384 chips simultaneously, up to 16 different types or families — typically in seconds instead of the minutes required by conventional programmers.

MultiWriter pps is optimized for applications requiring programming of at least 4 parts per board or multi-board panel. Learn more about the advantages of Multi-Board On-board Programming PDF

Real World MultiWriter applications

From 4 minutes to 10 seconds
The production rate of this 40-board panel built in Hungary was stuck at four minutes per panel using a programming "dongle" on an Agilent 3070. MultiWriter pps slashed total programming time for the entire panel to just 10 seconds.

Better assurance through encryption and verification
A multi-national OEM building boards in China needed to ensure that the intellectual property contained in the device programming code was fully protected. CheckSum's MultiWriter provided complete encryption of all programming code, delivering the assurance the OEM needed that the IP was safe. The OEM also ensures control over the quantity of boards being built by the contract manufacturer by matching the number of programmed assemblies to the received shipments thereby eliminating any black market boards.

Bottleneck removed
By installing a MultiWriter pps on-board programming system, this Canadian manufacturer, building a wide variety of multiboard panels (16 to 40 boards per panel), eliminated one-at-a-time device programming, speeding throughput. And CheckSum's comprehensive algorithm library delivers efficient programming with fast setup across a wide range of programmable chips.

Download the MultiWriter pps Brochure PDF

Purchase or Pay-Per-Use
Is Pay-Per-Use the right solution for your programmed parts?

Download the MultiWriter Pay-Per-Use Brochure PDF

MultiWriter Technology is protected under U.S. Patent No. 7,802,021.

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