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Model TR-7-1000-QC Pneumatic Fixture System


  • Pneumatic Power
  • Quick Change of Fixture Kits
  • Up to 1000 Test System Connections
  • Fast/Safe Loading & Unloading
  • No Lid to Open or Close


  • Circuit Assemblies
  • Through-hole and SMT Devices
  • Top and Bottom Probing
  • Hard-to-Gasket Assemblies
  • Individual or Panelized PCBs

CheckSum TR-7-1000-QC Pneumatic Fixture System Overview

The CheckSum Model TR-7-1000-QC Pneumatic Bed-of-Nails Fixture System is designed for test fixturing of circuit boards up to 12.25" x 16" with up to 1000 test system connections. To change the type of assembly being tested on the TR-7-1000-QC, simply unlatch the top plate by moving it towards you.  To remove the fixture base, pull the release lever, then the base simply slides out of the fixture press.  Installing the new fixture kit is a matter of clicking the top plate and fixture base into place.  Change-over takes a matter of seconds, with no cables to change or tools required.

The Model TR-7-1000-QC can be used for most general-purpose fixturing applications, and can also be used when the unit-under-test (UUT) is difficult to gasket and seal on vacuum fixture systems: when probe loading per square inch is high, if many routed openings exist, or if there are open through-holes (often found on SMT UUTs).

Since lid closure occurs before pressure is applied, complicated safety interlocks and mechanisms are not necessary.  The TR-7-1000-QC is powered by a standard compressed shop-air source.  Since it uses a vertical travel of 0.50", this unit provides safe, fast operation, but has adequate travel for compressing probes on both sides of the UUT.  The TR-7-1000-QC provides access for top probing since a top-plate is already present.  Because final movement of the fixture requires short travel, it can occur very quickly compared to traditional pneumatic fixtures, reducing loading and unloading time.

Download Model TR-7-1000-QC Data Sheet (2 pages) PDF
Changing Fixtures is Easy
Quick Change means "No More Cable Changes" and "Snap-in-Place" Fixtures
Ready for UUT
The two pictures above illustrate the ease of fixture changeover with the TR-7-1000-QC fixture system.

Model KIT1000-QC