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Model TR-3A Bench-Top Bed-of-Nails Vacuum Fixture System


  • Bed-of-Nails Fixturing
  • Industry-Standard GR 2270-style Receiver
  • Up to 1500 Test System Connections
  • Automated Vacuum Control Valve included in TR-3A
  • Compatible with CheckSum Testers
  • Low Cost


  • Loaded Boards
  • Bare Boards

CheckSum TR-3A Vacuum Fixture System Overview

The CheckSum Model TR-3A Fixture System allows CheckSum Test Systems to be interfaced to the unit-under-test(UUT) via a Bed-of-Nails Vacuum Fixturing system.

The 50-pin ribbon cables from the Test System electronics attach directly to mating connectors on the back of the Fixture Receiver. Internal to the Receiver, cabling carries the signals to pin blocks with spring probes that provide a reliable interface to easily interchanged test heads which are customized for each UUT or family of UUTs.

The Model TR-3A Receiver Assembly accommodates up to 1500 test points and uses industry-standard GenRad 2270-compatible test head kits. The Receiver provides for connection of your vacuum pump via a 1-1/4"-hose connection.  The TR-3A has an automatic control valve that is remotely controlled by the test program.

For each 150 test points connected to the Receiver, a Model TR-3-1 pin block with internal wiring and back panel connectors is needed.

Test heads can be obtained locally and customized for your specific application, or kits can be purchased directly from CheckSum. The Model TR-3-1620 is 16 x 20 inches (40.6 x 50.8 cm) and the Model TR-3-2024 is 20 x 24 inches (50.8 x 60.96 cm). For each 150 test points used for testing, a Model TR-3-2 Interface Block is required in the test head. CheckSum can also provide complete custom fixturing solutions or provide referrals.

Download Model TR-3A Fixture System Data Sheet PDF

Download Model TR-3A Fixture System User Manual PDF

Review the TR-3-Console Fixture System
TR-3A Setup
Typical bench top Test System shown with TR-3A Vacuum Fixture Receiver, customized TR-3-1620 with a vacuum seal-box, printer, and operator keypad options.
TR-3A Front
Model TR-3A Vacuum Fixture Receiver (front view)
TR-3A Back Panel
Model TR-3A Vacuum Fixture Receiver (rear view showing connectors)

TR-3-Console Fixture System
(shown with optional equipment)